High-speed wire drawing machine
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What is a high-speed wire drawing machine

It is mainly used to draw a copper rod of ¢8.0mm into a copper wire of ¢1.2-4.0mm. After drawing, it can be directly annealed to soften the copper wire, and then it can be taken up by a double-reel take-up or coil take-up equipment line. Double reel continuous take-up, automatic reel change, the wire extension force will not change when reel is changed, the success rate of reel change is over 99%, DC electric drive, program control, man-machine interface, complete functions, stable performance, surface spraying of the wire drawing drum Tungsten carbide, high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.

Precautions for high-speed wire drawing machine

1. Check whether the power terminals in the control box are locked before powering on; 2. Check whether the parts are damaged or loose during the handling; 3. Remove the movable top center and nut of the winding shaft; 4. First Use the foot switch for inching operation, and check whether the transmission mechanism is smooth during operation. When the foot switch is used for threading, the operator clicks the foot switch to make the machine run at low speed. When abnormal conditions such as chaotic lines occur during production operation, you can step on this switch to emergency stop. 5. Place the buffer swing bar at a low position; set the starting speed. First set 50-100 meters. After starting the machine, slowly increase the speed to high speed; 6. After slow starting. Observe that all parts are running normally Accelerate again; 7. Because there is no actual winding operation, the winding shaft cannot control the speed. It will reach a high speed in a short time or slowly decelerate to stop. It depends on the position of the buffer swing bar; 8. The display screen goes online Speed, slip, and meters are displayed incorrectly at this time, and the vehicle will stop after running empty for about 1 hour.
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